Minggu, 11 Oktober 2009

Make a bivouac in the Near House Mbah Marijan

Merapi year post-2008 landslide that makes Bebeng into a sea of sand, every activity of nature lovers and adventurers strictly limited. Although permission had mbah marijan can be guaranteed to climb to the top trim, but now very rarely climbing done via the south merapi. Most nature lovers, scout and other natural activists do diksar, sekdar exercise or just simply disekitaran Bebeng camping.

This time the education and training temen-temen Kapala ampta likewise. Creating diseputaran only bivakpun Bebeng, near Pak rw, klo marijan mbah house is still within a radius of 1.5 KM ..... ya no photograph ...

Good News from the Land of Pacitan: presents for Dad

Saturday morning I see my sister who was lying weak in hospital. He Tipes disease, recurrent since I started school some time ago. If the condition of tired, many minds, often tipesnya relapse. Arriving at the Hospital at 10 am, there have been no big brother who's got a quota to wait there.

After talking about the development Ngalor Ngidul my brother, suddenly there are calls to HP him. Kavar Apparently not too well. My brother failed the test SIP (such license to practice for nurses). My sister who was getting sick just not the spirit of the moment. But I gave the spirit to continue to repeat the exam at the next opportunity.

At 3 pm I got home, she reached the house lights jebul dead (read: dr oglangan PLN). Our whole family was together, discuss the condition of my brother's results Hospitals report. HPku suddenly rang, on the other side where my sister's phone to shout for joy ..... Mas Mas ..... I keterima ... my sister said.

Not understand what is meant, my brother told me to give to Mom telponnya and Dad ..... sounds to me the words of my brother "Pah .... a gift for daddy's going to full duty exam .... I keterima Pacitan district cpns ....."

ooooo jebul Pacitan District's announcement .... CPNS Alhamdullilah my brother in the list of announcements listed by name ........ God is Love ...... HAPPY FOR MY BROTHER AND WELCOME work .... Get Well YES!

Anti-Corruption Day and Canteen Hones

On 9 December the Commission with slank commemorate the anti-corruption, there is also the party that uses this moment to massive advertising on television and radio media and print media. It seems quite promising for this country free of corruption, both among ekskutif or legislative.
But not too interesting to me, is outdated and obsolete. A promise hard to prove. More cool news from Purwakarta listening and Grobogan. It is said that at a school in that city there are 2 canteens run by the students' self-supporting without attended. They take their own food, pay for themselves without any oversight from anyone. His name Canteen HONEST.
It is interesting to be listened to and followed by further development. Is Canteen Honest really educating students for HONEST? new or just the ideals? We look forward leader and Anak Bangsa Future Alumni Cafeteria HONEST ..... hopefully!

Learning From The masseuse 2

One time I met again, he asked questions about bank products, savings, loans, deposits, etc.. Said he wanted the business, looking for a loan or klo money is not enough to save first. He asked the difference between online and offline bank, places that can be for saving, how saving, just nanya macem-macem about bank products.
3 months later, I met with the father of the blind masseur, he finished the story klo put money into bank deposits 15 million. HA? I was thoroughly surprised. Income he can count, so massage 20ribu, kepotong to his boss means 40% net income was 12ribu massage. At least 3 times a day rame massage, sometimes even quiet klo gak massaging, it means an average taken massaging or 2 times net income 24 thousand. For everyday eating 5ribu times 3, was 15 thousand. That means he can saving 9 thousand per day. That etungan dirty, yet other purposes such as toilet soap, laundry, pay electricity, etc..
Because I was curious to ask him how do he can save. The answer is simple. He saved the day 10ribu, klo there is more money to eat what they are, klo gak more money just eat less 2 times a day. Just a day to save a minimum 10ribu. Wow .... This great father. He aspires to own a massage business, with his savings and the reply is still less, he would seek a loan ......

Learning from the masseuse 1

At one point in 2002an year, I went to a carpenter or a masseuse massage. Sprain feet up playing college soccer tournament. From a few friends recommended to the blind masseur in a region X. Long story short I met with the masseuse, called Mr. Y. He was young, not plasticity klo blind and the more surprising, he was ethnic china.

While the sequence, we told each other, between which a student I was at that time, and Mr. Yang Y massaging a sprained foot. He recently visually impaired, was normal and at the time of class 2 sma severe accidents. But the eyes were still normal. Eventually after recovering physically, his eyes seemed more and more blurred, until the 3rd grade at sma, it's almost not see at all. Obatkan already in there here, but no avail, so he suffered blindness and not continue his schooling.

Finally at the school sekolahkan blind, and he took the massage skills. And by chance met with me and talked at length. Nothing seemed to be a long story and where to where, by chance she was so adventurous, so she asked me often interrupted, mas what Tawang cemoro sewu mangu and still like the old days when I could still see? Mas what cleft is still as beautiful as before? etc. while sometimes he does not accidentally tears ...... stories go to part 2

Selasa, 22 September 2009

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